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DFL March car sales up 24%

Recently, Dongfeng Motor Co., release information, the company's production operations have been getting better , March sales of 113,719 cars , an increase of 24.5%. One passenger car sales 89,669 , an increase of 33.4% ; commercial sales of 24,080 , essentially flat with the same period . DFL 's Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company under the leadership of new cars , precision farming market segments continue to enhance the competitiveness of products and marketing force and improve brand reputation, March sales of 89,669 cars , an increase of 33.4% . Among them, the novelty Chun March 26 Nisshin listed in just a week, the sales of 3625 , its explosive sales encouraging. Chevrolet Sylphy sales of 26,261 series , an increase of 33.7% , Qashqai sales 11,142 , an increase of 16.6%. The entire multi-line product sales in a matrix together and posture, increase significantly , operating for the better. Dongfeng Motor Corporation hard skills , enhance marketing targeted , March sales of 31,050 cars , an increase of 3%. Shares of the company headquarters where car sales 18,609 , an essentially flat. It 's Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. Automobile 12,441 , an increase of 8.6%. Among them, SUCCE sales 3689 , an increase of 28.1%, NV200 sales 2217 , an increase of 32.7% . Driven by the marketing transformation , each vehicle sales growth in general . DFL 's other two blocks east parts ( Group ) Co., Ltd. and equipment company , each for their own markets, careful management, the business indicators completed well. Related:http://www.autopartssell.com/ http://www.autopowerland.com/
1.5.14 02:46


Yuchai landing large quantities of natural gas engines in Europe

With further enhance product quality Yuchai Yuchai engines, natural gas engines especially favorable for European customers received a large number of landing the European market. April 9, assembly Yuchai YC6K1242-40 Joint fire truck fire truck vehicle together to complete the installation work in Germany. In addition, Yuchai has recently won a large number of Russian natural gas engines independent export orders. Russia mainly in German, Japanese, American and Korean cars mainly four lines dividing the Russian car market, after China brand car almost backed into a corner. To enter the Russian market, faces both brand value, ownership and sale, and other challenges in many aspects, but also faced the threshold for demanding certification. Face unfavorable situation, Yuchai actively explore the market, with good quality products and excellent service, and good performance in the Sochi Winter Olympics, won the local user acceptance, made ??the order. Related:Cummins 4bt Lower Repair Kit Cummins 4bt Upper Repair Kit 3903920 3907431 3921394
1.5.14 02:45

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