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Foton Cummins put into a large displacement engine Weichai Forced to break

After six years in hand , Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Foton ) cooperation and American power equipment manufacturer Cummins will be entered in depth. Recently , reporters learned from Foton Cummins and two Chinese companies , Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Foton Cummins ) production of large displacement engine will be mass production in May this year , the future will not only carry the Foton Auman on heavy trucks, will be exported overseas. In this regard , the view that , not only can help to strengthen bilateral cooperation Cummins to expand market share in China , Fukuda also help reduce dependence on heavy truck engines in the field of external suppliers to achieve better cost and quality control . In the case of the core components of the heavy truck business to seek "vertical supporting " has become the industry trend of background, as the representative of Weichai engine manufacturers market share decline. Data show that Weichai in the field of heavy-duty truck engine market share has declined from 40% in 2010 to 36.2 % at the end of 2013 . Large displacement engine will be put into " This partnership Foton Cummins logical ." A long-term concern heavy truck industry analysts believe that , because the two sides had a good basis for cooperation in the field of small-displacement , therefore , the cooperation in the facility can be simplified to invest even " introduced a production line can be ", but its significance is much more than that. He said , "On one hand , Cummins can take to increase market share in China , while the Foton speaking, this cooperation is also expected to address a joint venture with Daimler in the process, Mercedes-Benz OM457 product delay production problems, Fukuda make up a large displacement engine in the field of "blank " . " "For car companies , the lack of core components of the right to speak not only means weak , and loss of profits ." Independent auto analyst Tian Yongqiu told the " Daily Economic News" reporter , " compared to the vehicle , the engine Margin is more than twice . " Foton 2013 semi-annual report , the company's gross margin heavy truck products only 7.76% . The report shows that in 2013 , Dongfeng Automobile , Dongfeng Cummins Engine 's gross margin reached 21.28% . Back in 2003 , after Daimler joint venture with FAW talks fail , Foton will attempt to seek cooperation with Daimler , one of the major demands is the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz OM457 engine products . However , ten years later , although Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 , but the engine is still unable to do so within the joint venture operation . 2013 , Fukuda heavy truck sales surge 32% year on year , reaching 115,000 , among the heavy truck industry first camp , with Dongfeng , FAW, CNHTC tied . But sales increase , while the missing engine products become short board Foton . From now, only four of the first echelon of the heavy truck engine supporting business enterprise has within the system themselves, in the second tier of JAC Navistar also hand a few years ago , do a big production displacement engine ready . " Daimler 's core technology is the direct cause of the conservative Fukuda seek cooperation with Cummins ." Above told reporters . Statistics show that China 's current flagship Mercedes-Benz Actros in the match engine is OM510LA and OM502LA series, and OM457 series were mounted on the economy of heavy trucks Axor. " Foton upcoming production of the displacement of 10.5L and 11.8L two products , both of which are based on the specific needs of the development of the Chinese market , not only to meet more stringent future emissions requirements on fuel efficiency compared with the previous products are further improved . " Cummins Chinese official told reporters . " Foton Cummins bilateral cooperation in the field of large- displacement engine is turned on, Daimler may indirectly bring pressure to which the introduction of more advanced products ." Tian Yongqiu think . Weichai seek " escape" Weichai Power 2013 report shows that the current Foton Daimler 's first big customer Weichai , 2013 Weichai orders contributed 6.708 billion yuan , accounting for 11.5% of total sales. " If you lose this client Foton Daimler , Weichai will be affected ." Tian Yongqiu think . No large-scale enterprises in the front of the car engine plant self , even without Foton , Weichai OEMs can still be combined with other digestive capacity. A China National Heavy Duty Truck insider said , " just as the heavy truck lost customers, Weichai still Fukuda and through cooperation with FAW, to fill vacancies in the market ." " After such an approach is not necessarily feasible ." Above the heavy truck industry analysts believe . In recent years , the first and second camp heavy truck enterprises have self-built engine plant , seeking a " vertically integrated ." After such Dongfeng Cummins, Volvo , Renault cooperate in the field of engines , and JAC will lead入纳威Secretary of the product . Weichai ignited a gradual decline in supporting the market share. Data show that in 2010 , Weichai market share in the heavy truck engine supporting areas is 40% , and by 2013 , this figure fell to 36.2 %. Thus, while in 2013 net profit surge 19.38% Weichai reached 3.571 billion yuan , but the SG Securities analyst Lee program, Wensheng said in its research report , "downstream OEMs self-built engine ( company ) speed accelerate the company's domestic business pressure . " " Weichai heavy truck engines in supporting the field still has an absolute advantage , because the current mainstream consumer is still focused on the domestic heavy truck 40 million or less in the low-end market is often " an engine manufacturer who told reporters, " but with the emission standards tighter and user demand for upgrading of heavy truck , automobile companies are also seeking more advanced engines . " According to the source , before this , Auman series are equipped with imported high low-end Mercedes-Benz OM457, Cummins and Weichai series engine , however , the past two years , Fukuda stakeholders have repeatedly contact with the company, hoping to get some of these purchases enterprise Weichai engine to replace the original product . "As a result , in recent years, Weichai also accelerating the development of new products , as well as the original product technology upgrading , trying to open up the battlefield, changing the engine confined areas bring pressure to survive ." Brewing for a long time , Weichai involved in the passenger car market last year , launched the " British cause " brand. Although insiders agreed that the passenger car market in the current fierce competition has background Weichai "cross " into the foreground hardly optimistic. " But for Weichai , it is also quite upset ." Tian Yongqiu think . Related:3901258 0281003018 0281002937 3901306 3901356 3901793
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