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DFL March car sales up 24%

Recently, Dongfeng Motor Co., release information, the company's production operations have been getting better , March sales of 113,719 cars , an increase of 24.5%. One passenger car sales 89,669 , an increase of 33.4% ; commercial sales of 24,080 , essentially flat with the same period . DFL 's Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company under the leadership of new cars , precision farming market segments continue to enhance the competitiveness of products and marketing force and improve brand reputation, March sales of 89,669 cars , an increase of 33.4% . Among them, the novelty Chun March 26 Nisshin listed in just a week, the sales of 3625 , its explosive sales encouraging. Chevrolet Sylphy sales of 26,261 series , an increase of 33.7% , Qashqai sales 11,142 , an increase of 16.6%. The entire multi-line product sales in a matrix together and posture, increase significantly , operating for the better. Dongfeng Motor Corporation hard skills , enhance marketing targeted , March sales of 31,050 cars , an increase of 3%. Shares of the company headquarters where car sales 18,609 , an essentially flat. It 's Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. Automobile 12,441 , an increase of 8.6%. Among them, SUCCE sales 3689 , an increase of 28.1%, NV200 sales 2217 , an increase of 32.7% . Driven by the marketing transformation , each vehicle sales growth in general . DFL 's other two blocks east parts ( Group ) Co., Ltd. and equipment company , each for their own markets, careful management, the business indicators completed well. Related:http://www.autopartssell.com/ http://www.autopowerland.com/
1.5.14 02:46


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