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Yuchai landing large quantities of natural gas engines in Europe

With further enhance product quality Yuchai Yuchai engines, natural gas engines especially favorable for European customers received a large number of landing the European market. April 9, assembly Yuchai YC6K1242-40 Joint fire truck fire truck vehicle together to complete the installation work in Germany. In addition, Yuchai has recently won a large number of Russian natural gas engines independent export orders. Russia mainly in German, Japanese, American and Korean cars mainly four lines dividing the Russian car market, after China brand car almost backed into a corner. To enter the Russian market, faces both brand value, ownership and sale, and other challenges in many aspects, but also faced the threshold for demanding certification. Face unfavorable situation, Yuchai actively explore the market, with good quality products and excellent service, and good performance in the Sochi Winter Olympics, won the local user acceptance, made ??the order. Related:Cummins 4bt Lower Repair Kit Cummins 4bt Upper Repair Kit 3903920 3907431 3921394
1.5.14 02:45


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